Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, August 22, 2011

Takes My Focus Into His Stare

Father, I am taken
by the Safety of Your Arms
as I Run to Your Presence
like my life is ending. 

I want to stay Here, Here in Your Arms where I can scream against that which is so wrong.  I Hear Your Voice as You Gather me Close, against the Passion of Your Understanding while my thoughts scurry to sit upon Your Lap. 

 I know You are bigger than my pains,
my anger,
my troubles,
so I can’t leave, and there is no other place to go. 

I hide in Your Eyes of Fire for even if my big toe gets outside Your Circle, I know I have gone into a land that bites with fierce. This Place of Satisfaction keeps me coming back as I experience each Instant where Your Ear Bends my way to Hear everything I have to say. 

Steady my heart beat,
steady my hearts pain,
steady the hurt done against me
so I can be strong and stand against the evil one. 

The lies and deceit swallowed to give rights to wrongs, playing games in the dark against my unsuspicious mind.  You, my God, are the Eyes that Search and Fight weak ones as we lean upon Your Power that Divides Water for the Crossing of Your children to Safe Ground. 

I am weak in flesh
but I am without doubt
that You Conquer
and I pity the evil one
that tries to cross Your Name. 

For how could a creation say he was mightier than the Creator?  How could a blade of grass say it will knock over a mountain?  How could one that sings a song say he is more Powerful than the One who Created Song? 

Oh God, the Heavens Declare Your Glory as it Fills the temples of our hearts. 

I scream
against the giant
that thinks it can divide and blow smoke
in the Eyes of God. 

How ridiculously foolish as I watch Your Wind Puff its Thunder to Deafen the foolish.  Arise oh army of the Most High.  Arise and do battle against the principalities that tries to throw sand in the eyes You Love. 

For wicked is shut-up by the mere Finger of God’s Command. 

The Voice of my Beloved Comes. 
Takes my focus into His Stare
and Gives me His Assurance
that He Sits with Smiles as He Enjoys my run to Him. 

Bidding me to Come Away with Him, Sing, oh Sing as if the more I Release Love's Song, the more expansion I will have.  Dare to Dance with HIm in my storm.  Dare the Song be Raised as my storm clouds fade and move away.

I Escape, I heed to the Call
of His Might
and all pain is dissolved. 

 I am Tuned in to a New Melody coming from brokenness. 
 Time has stopped and of no importance. 

What is going on outside looses my grip.  My body has a weightlessness now that previously was so heavy I could hardly lift one small finger. 

I have Gone!  I am Gone as His Presence Lifts my own voice as He Encourages me to speak. 

He Paints with my voice. 
He Decorates with my voice. 
He puts Beautiful Jewels
on the voice I give Him
as I Trust only in His Way. 

I felt so abandoned and yet now I am Assured I was the Center of His Attention. 

God, You have no stress or worry of my advisory.  You are not hoping to hit the right timing with Your Strike.  You have been Leaning to Hear me, Hear my heart abandon a single note song to the creation of multitude notes to create Heaven’s Melodies. 

I go…
I push my thoughts
to the Highest Mountain
where Praise Raises the atmosphere
and accusations have no voice. 

I go away, I go and find nothing is too mighty against You. You Restore my soul as I take on Your Yoke. 

 I find Rest
to sleep
in the midst of storms.   

I Rest and Wait.  Your Victory is an Absolute.  I Rest and Wait as Softness Pillows my head. 

Beautiful is Jesus
who Rescues me
as I sing my New Song
to Him who Sits upon the Throne.