Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fragrance Of A Field I Came Upon

Papa Father, what are You Thinking today?  It is so early in the morning and I am so curious.  I see a complete day ahead… many, many minutes to be shared with others and so I am searching this morning.  Your Son came and He made a Connection to those You Sent His Way.  Words He Spoke were of Ultimate Importance and His Footsteps were Designed to Follow Your Heart to Gather the Multitude towards You.  Finding Love as the Foundation for every Word Spoken.  This caused my own Explosion within my heart as I too was Placed in His Purpose from the Work of Your Soft Wind.  He Poured out Mercy to Reveal Your Heart and I have fallen slave to This Love.  I breathe to know it deeper.  I seek to find its Covering.  I praise so that my eyes make contact with its Beauty.  I hear even the Mention of His Name so Pure and it lingers on my heart as I repeat it over and over, Jesus, my Jesus, oh Jesus, sweet Jesus….. JESUS…..!  It is like the Name Covers me with a Blanket that Consumes all my thoughts and gives them a New Attitude.  They had one meaning prior to the Entrance of His Name and a much different Meaning after the Sound of His Satisfying Name makes Union with my distant heart.  It is like the fragrance of a field I come upon slowly to find first the aroma of such delight and want to stop to breath it in and then share, ‘do you smell what is entering the room.’  As I enjoy the Air that is Penetrating my lungs, my pores and surroundings I am Stricken with Stillness for Moments Recorded in eternity. I Wait with Its Amazements Saturating my thoughts.  And then with as deep of breathes I can take, I freeze for this one purpose; to slowly inhale so that I can savor this time of Awakening.  I hold it for as long as I can.  I am now so full of its Aroma I cannot continue.  I exhale and open my eyes to find the Field I am in is of Brilliant Colors that have no Flaws.  Each Color Pierces with Exactness, much like a Perfect Picture of a Moment.  For Control of its Revelation is for those only who Know His Name; those who have risen to the Power of His Name and Look in on the Marvels of Its Movements.  A Perfect Picture but yet it does not remain still.  Its Picture Moves as it Wills and I am Encouraged to Follow.  ‘Fix Your Eyes Upon Me’ it Pleas.  The Sounds of the Words are like Drums that are beating in sync with my own heart beats.  The Colors are Sharp and within each Color comes its Sound as my ears open to hear.  I am Caught by the Sights and Sounds of such Purity.  Where has He Taken me?  What have I done to be Allow such an Exploration of Unknown?  A Voice Comes back to my Awakened heart.  It Reveals the Sounds of its Presence.  “I AM” I hear as I stare at this New Song.  A Sound Comes again….“Be Still and Know I AM God.”  I melt as I behold all around me is the Creation of His Hand.  Nothing is without His Knowledge, His Making, His Love Poured upon.  The Existence of my day, the Existence of my breath, the Existence of my next step…. His Love Out Stretched for me and the Final Day.  I am Still, He is God…!