Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gift To Me From God No $$ Can Buy

A Gift To Me From God No $$ Can Buy
Delivered Through My Sister, Roberta

My heart is singing today for you!  I am seeing someone who is mighty in the land and yet doesn't know it yet!  Oh how I love you, Sister!!  Yes, I am crying WITH you.  My heart is breaking WITH you.  I feel like the burden you carry is partly on my shoulders.  I'm not complaining though, because it is God's love that pours in me, to pour out of me. 

My Sister's Prayer

Father, Our God who carries us through these times; Your mighty works You do are being manifested in us on a continual basis.  Those who know us and hear us cannot possibly NOT understand that it is You who lives and breathes through US!  Oh how marvelous are Your ways!!  We are humbled before You today, as we see Your handiwork among us.  Today is the day You work.  Today is the day of rejoicing.  Just because You are the Master of today!  Strength, courage, vigor, force...they are in our hand, in our footsteps, in our hearts.  Doom, gloom, despair and agony are me are the words to a song that I WILL NOT SING!!!!  For WHO holds me, none other than the Author of the stars!!!  Every single star is singing praise to You because THEY know what I don't... just who holds THEIR tomorrow!!  THEY know that if their last shine was tonight, and they fall to their place of destiny tonight, that they will be richly rewarded for their obedience to The Almighty!  Even the stars are rewarded!!! Yes Lord, You have not left one rock, one blade of grass unrewarded for their obedience to You!  Yet YOU created US in YOUR image, so that WE could sing out the songs of praise to You alone!!  So we could REFLECT an image of YOU!!!  How can we who are constantly struggling reflect One who NEVER struggles???  Yet we do just that, because in it all, the more we fall, the Higher Your Majesty appears!  Like all who fall on their faces so the Queen will be the only one standing!  Oh yes, today is Your day.  Yesterday was Your day.  Tomorrow is Your day.  And how we rejoice to know that they are not ours!!!!  We would struggle in them on our own.  But in You we rejoice in them!!!  What do YOU, the One in whom EVERYTHING points to, have for us individually JUST today???  Oh my, we can only assume to know!!!!!!!!!!!  I am anticipating the newness I will see.  I am excited to be near You.  I am saying, let me be ANYWHERE, but let it be WITH YOU!!!  Oh I count my days as one more reason to rejoice!  One more reason.  I have so many!  But You alone, ONLY YOU, are MY reason to sing!!!!  I don't sing for the relationships of this world.  They are pleasures, but in You, they pale so shallow!!  The fog between You and them is thick because You are so vivid, You are so ... faultless.  Let today be ORDERED by You.  I am Yours... order my day and DEMAND that nothing gets in the way of it's perfection!!!  Let it be as a plate of perfect pancakes from the most perfect place!  Send it back if it is not perfect as YOU expect!!  For my day is Yours.  I've given today to You, because You own it.  As I sit or stand, or kneel or walk, or run or leap or fall..... take my hand in Yours and let us dance it TOGETHER.  Seek my heart for hidden treasures today, that YOU TOO will be rejoicing in ME!!  Let me give back some of what You give to me!  Oh how I hope to please You!  My love overflows towards You!  I don't want to move from Your presence.  But today is Yours, so I move as You will it.  One foot before the other, I move, as though moving TOWARDS You!  If I see my day as moving TOWARDS You, then I will not dread my day.  I will not refuse to walk.  I will not go with my head down or my heart anything but full of the Love that You placed there for You.  Father, take my sister's hand today and as she is reminded of where she is, all the dreams and hopes that have been crushed and powdered and are only bits and fragments of what might have been had her plan worked, open up her eyes to see that NOW You, The Master architect, can perform the greatest masterpiece that You set out to make in HER!  Oh God, You are not busy giving MAN favor so that MAN can run around being praised!  You are busy giving MAN favor so that MAN will SEE YOU in the handiwork of Your fingers!  Wow, I see that clay being formed and each of us has so much to give back!  Look at the Potter's work!  Look at the Architect's work!!!  Isn't it amazing?  Isn't it awesome?  Isn't it beyond imagination??!!  Oh how much bigger it is than what our barely open eyes see!!!  Rub our eyes to enlarge them today so that as this day goes forth, we see something brand new we've never seen before... a new part of You.  Knowing in part is scary, Father.  It's a really scary place to be.  GROW us UP.  Let all our armor be in place and ready for THIS battle!  And Father, as a sister, I ask this favor of You because I know You have been very busy doing favors for me... Will You love my sister today like I can't?  Will You take ALL that You have given me to give to her, and ADD to THAT and give her what I can't?  I know that You will.  I have no doubt that You will.  I've seen You do this for me before, without my even asking!  But today, as You are especially fond of THIS one, let Your work be mighty in her and Your love be even more REVEALED.  I realize You can't love her any more than You already do.  You love her enough to die.  I don't.  But You do.  Change ME to love her that much too!!!  Remove my blinders of self-love and replace it with sacrificial love as You know so well how to do.  I know, I know, I realize that  Lord, it means I will suffer as You have suffered.  So be it.  If it will change me to see YOU better, then I am willing, even waiting!!!!  For THIS earth, as beautiful and great as it is, has such a paleness to it when I consider You.  It's colors have a film over them.  Yours are so vivid and real!  I want to pray for my sister, but I keep coming back to praising You instead!  This is how the colors of this world pale in comparison to You.  Let our day today reflect ALL it is meant to be.  And then let us be satisfied that it was.     In Jesus Holy and Precious name, Thy Son, My Brother.  Amen.

I am loved beyond my imagination...!