Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ordered Steps

"I am so thankful that God sits on the throne
and orders our steps."
Chris Ogden

Oh Wonderful One,
You are ALWAYS so Kind. 
Your Ever Lasting Voice
has so many Avenues to Speak
to the anxieties of my shortcomings. 

An email came today that declared a
Direct Message
that intruded into my
like a fun tune heard
at a public gathering
that caused me to
the same in my own path
by singing it over and over,

For it went not only to my hearing
but deeper
to my subconscious. 

What a Stunning Song of Power
that gives such a
fresh thought
of knowledge known. 

How astonishing when that happens! 

It’s like my world stops
in track
and out comes, ‘oh yeah – I forgot!’  

For I was rummaging in search
for what to do,
where could I
my next move? 

And Your Voice
Writes upon a Wall

The Single need
that will control the
spinning of my unmanaged thoughts
that fought for dominance;

Taming the wild urgent pleas
demanding audience
as I was so divided and crippled
to give eye
to any one plan screaming. 

I see You so Towering,
Sitting upon the Throne
of Grace and Mercy’s Love
Articulating with Ease
my steps Ordered
to be Delivered upon the
Instant of Need. 

as supernatural Phenomenal Balance
was Placed in the earth’s core
for my existence to remain upon it’s land. 

Not forgetting a single Detail
that would cause me
to fall off the earth,

have You forgotten a
to keep me from falling away
from You

As Your Spirit of Ultimate Balance
lives within me. 

I move about Your
Specific Orbit’s Destiny
for me
with the Scientific Science
by Your Unlimited Omnipotence. 

Your Authority Reigns
with just a
as One Who Sits on the
Only Throne of Truth. 

The Absolute
in which I cast my cares
before Your Throne;

Leaning upon
Trust Given
by Example after Example
of Steps Created for my life to travel.  

Oh, I am thankful. 
I speak with gratitude
from the depths of my heart

For I am a
of these Life Flowing Ordered Steps. 

of Ordered Steps
Designed for no one but me,

I am seen Pure and Righteous
and Worth all of Your Love
because the Holy One
for my faults. 

Jesus Placed His Life
before the Throne
for the Purchase of My heart. 

He Followed Your Directions
to every Detail
for my Pardon;
becoming all my sins
for my Right Standing. 

You Sit on the Throne and
Rip Back darkness
with Force of Lightening
because Jesus

So my steps
would take me
Your Kingdom;

me beyond minutes and seconds,
Dividing time
so no Good Thing
will be held from me.   

I smile with Content. 
I laugh with Joy
as I sit in Your Counsel
for my Steps Ordered
are by the One I delight in. 

I join in the Celebration
upon earth
with those who know You


I am so thankful that
sits on the throne
orders our steps.’

Never Hide Your Feelings

Father, I am here so heavy this morning and can’t wait to talk to You about it for I never want to hide my feelings from You.  Tears seem to be my countenance and discouragement my garment. I have lots of wants and I really don’t like this feeling.  It isn’t really even how I perceive the Word encourages me to be.  I hate it when I know within how satisfying Your Walk is and yet I am so distracted by what has stumbled my thinking.  So my Answer, my Faith Builder… I just want to know You’re near.  I just ask this morning that my heart be held up a little higher as I set my eyes upon You instead of my circumstances.  For in all this mess, my heart continues to burn for what has started between us.  You have Full understanding, I only have partial.  I find it thrilling to find a Treasure You have Sent and so I can not help but seek to find much on this Trail of Joys.  The more I find these Places, the more all the difficulties seem to be just common and not so enormous that they scream for full attention.  I marvel at how a Picture of Beauty Develops into a Masterpiece from the days journey with You.  So gladly and excitedly, I give this day to You and will keep my heart open to hear Your Love as I wonder about in all that is ahead.  You have Sent the Best Friend to be at my side Constantly and I truly know no better gift of friendship.  Your Sweet Holy Spirit has all the Right Answers so I will stop and rest in this Smile upon my life as I Wait in Your Waiting Room that keeps my life encouraged.  For the Music Playing has such angelic mystic about it.  The Magazines spread around to capture my thoughts Lead me to Your Love.   Often I find an Article that is so Rich I must share it with another friend.  You make Waiting such a part of the Journey to all the Pearls of Great Price You have for me.  So I will not leave and seek another way nor ever hide my feelings from You.  I will wait with my heart open wide for the Showing of Your Power because I have watched This so Attached to my life that it is the Strength of my eternity.  I truly love Your Name, Jesus, that is Written upon my heart.  It is the Solid Corner Stone that I build all my hopes and dreams upon.

Psalm 34: 1-8 (The Message Bible)
I bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with his praise. I live and breathe God; if things aren't going well, hear this and be happy: Join me in spreading the news; together let's get the word out. God met me more than halfway, he freed me from my anxious fears. Look at him; give him your warmest smile. Never hide your feelings from him. When I was desperate, I called out, and God got me out of a tight spot. God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray. Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him. Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all his goodness. Young lions on the prowl get hungry, but God-seekers are full of God.