Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, December 26, 2016

What keeps God Calm

Father, One with my heart, I hunger this morning. To understand hunger I know only to come to You and say… there is a need. A wanting to be in a Place unknown to the flesh but extremely part of my spirit that teaches my soul. Undisturbed by the rat-a-tat clinging of small irritations nibbling at its insistence to demand my glance. 

Oh, but the deep immersing of being in You; the senses focused outside the world and into a greater Reality. 
Where You are undisturbed by the movements 
and Your very flow walks in the midst 
without time as a burden. 
The present is Your Presence. 
The existence of who You are has complete fulfillment and desires are fed the perfect portion. 

The highest praise is where I have entered this Rest and follow each moment with only leaving Your Story behind me.  All my going and coming is for the extreme purpose of my best, while serving all others in the same. Taking in One as the total reason for the present.  

A garden, back to our very beginning. A garden of communication and walking with all creation from Your imagination filled with Love’s substance. Giving us permission to explore and find the beauty of Truth. Giving us permission to walk in Your Kingdom saturated with Your assignments so magical we are intrigued as a constant observer of mysteries that serve us.  

Even my sleep is filled with mystery dreams from dipping into You from my curious heart.  My hunger serves me well. I ask myself, “what do I want?” A heartbeat begins to race as I feel Your Emotions rise to my desires for You. I feel with the magnificence of Love’s call You placed for me to open up to. 

I feel, oh how I feel the emotions so graciously given to me as gifts. How I can feel my heartbeat and know I am still alive. I can feel Your Heartbeat of Emotions within me and I stay listening as all my attention is summoned to explore and enjoy.  

Thirst has a deeper meaning than water for life to breathe. Thirst goes to the functions of staying at this Well that springs of Living Water, which has constant sources for my longing heart. 

I am in the wander of open eyes, open heart, to see and feel life beyond a physical knowledge. Connected to this body of Christ, I gather what they gather for unspeakable joy. I find my place compliments their place as well. A foundation happens and no shaking throws the death penalty. Life only shows me more and more, closer and closer, Love remains the answer to all things.  

What keeps You calm? The answer my heart seems to sing is that the present is Your Presence as Your Love overwhelms all things right now. This keeps You calm...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Haven't A Clue

The Work 
that has me 
can cause a chase of such strength, 
I am lost to the extreme 
need to find it. 

I haven’t a clue as to what 
it is 
but I absolutely know 
when I have gotten there. 

I am looking for its 
Blue Sky newness 
as it rains. 
Pleading from my soul 
comes flooding for the alone feelings 
to leave 
as I touch into Facts 
that I am never alone. 

My own unfaithfulness 
is met with Your Amazing Faithful. 

This cry 
has been smothered in confusion 
and buried among good and bad. 

I run in panic 
or I stop in despair, 
but this I sing out… 
I want You Poppa. 

I want this cry to be heard 
in ripples of Heaven’s Roar. 

Desire pulling at the picture 
the Anointing gives our life 
set in focus. 

Healing is wrapped in Joy 
of all You are. 

Mercy paves the way 
for my eyes to see again. 

I reach in blindness 
to find 
salvation was holding me 
in constancy. 

Falling was just a ride 
to tell His Story. 

For the gathering of all my pieces 
sings a song 
I listen to learn 
of the unheard 
and unseen.  

Deeper than surface 
is always the most beautiful, 
as the exploring heart 
curls up to watch. 

The Eyes of One 
softly creating my shaken life 
into open Eyes of Wonder 
rather than closed sleep 
of weightless nothing. 

Like a building 
in stages of its completeness, 
I rest upon a Rock 
so I can tower 
to clouds of magnificence.  
Joining so many others, 
the vision is 
seeing things the Way He does.  
Help clears up 
as height broadens the choices. 
His Love is warm 
and a shield against wrecking storms. 

Forever has been summed up 
as NOW 
becomes my reward, 
tomorrow takes care of itself. 

I am alive 
and forget I was distant 
with alone as companion.  

Rain now drenches my soul
with sweet moisture 
that melts away all cracks. 

I’m here…!  

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Soak my thoughts with the Mystery. 

Saturate my mind with what it can contain to make necessary adjustments to reach Radiance. Oh, says my soul. Oh, says the processing of this invitation; Whispers that over sound all the loudness.  

Freedom has only off the ground beauty to be had. Weighted down must release the soul as Jesus walks through my walls. 

‘No beginning’ takes over and the now of each moment stacks up to be richer than the past. Fever of Fire burns as my heart inflames with desire. 

I have reacted to His Love as it consumes every room of my heart with its aroma. It’s as if this Smell insists I only breathe in Pure Purpose of its reason to be… breathing Him, His being the I Am.  

So each inhale has now become forever. 

Now only has the simple meaning that it is forever. I can be in this Now, His Presence.  

Who knew that forever was Now?  Who knew that Radiance was Now?  

I have been clothed in such an array; I am displayed as a Drink of Pleasure. His Hand reaches to touch me with an expectancy to find sweet flavors of happiness.  

Another Mystery…