Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jesus, The Name That Moves Things

Jesus, there is so much
I don’t know about You!
There is so much to wonder about,
to think and question. 

I love all the Mystery around You,
for around every corner there is a
New Thought
and Understanding that You are Giving. 

When Your Name is spoken
by my voice,
things move? 
Released by my lungs expanding
and exhaling the Sound
as Faith attached by You is Given.  

When I put Your Name
against anything,
nothing compares? Nothing..!  
It is a Name that when heard,
an enormous amount of thoughts
enter the mind of those in listening. 
Pictures are visualized and
hearts will weep as a
Reality breaks through a pain. 

Your Name takes a dead event
and the Miraculous occurs. 

There is a distance to Your Name
that is immeasurable
and yet it Lives on the tip of my tongue
and wonders about in my heart.  

A Knowledge that You Ascended
upon High to Sit with the Father
and yet Your Name and Spirit
Moves a dark room I step into,
to Brightness my eyes are unable to look upon.  

Your Name Lives with more Life
than any substance upon earth,
big or small. 

You are the Word;
Your Name has affected
the beginning of life
to the end of life. 

Spoken before there was ground
for Adam and Eve to walk on;
Spoken before the sun was placed
in its pattern;
Spoken before and during
all the Colors of the rainbow
was in a process to become visual
to my eyes
Designed to see Promise. 

Your Name continues to
Create my days
as I walk out Your Acceptance
as the Gaze
of its Power
Sits Guard to my soul. 

Jesus, Your Name is an
Invisible Visual. 
How can that be?   

So much Mystery in its Sound
and always a
of constant desire to find. 

A Name left with Instructions
to Apply,
to Believe in,
to Walk by,
to Surrender to,
to Take us from death
to Life for eternity. 

A Name that Began in the heavens
as the Word that Began all. 
Making Something
of nothing.

I say it
and the Eyes of its Living Heart Beat
Rushes to fill the room. 

This Name of God’s Love Sent
has a Foundation of Purity
and Arrives at my heart
Ready to Consume me
with a Passion Built
outside my mind’s capacity of comprehension. 

But I embrace the Name,
and taste it slowly
as I invite the Evidence
of its Holiness to change me. 

I put my hand out slowly
to show I am interested
as all within me
has bidden me to dare the exploration. 

I say This Name,
with curiosity as I find it
Staying about my heart;
Flowing Softly
it Takes up all my surrounding. 

Jesus, the Name
that moves things
when I speak.

My Children...My Children, Oh God, My Children

Father, I am so wrapped up in Your Love and want the same for my children!  My children... my children, oh God, my children.  Give them an understanding that Your Love is what Leads them into all Truths and will give them every need they have.  I find myself in want and then have constantly found that I am in total Safety as I have seen Your Love never fail me.  I pray that my children will extend Your Love that is given to them on to their children and on and on to the fullness of Your Kingdom Come.  Father, let Your Life and Word that Works in them be Rich and Alive as they seek the day’s adventures.  Take Hold of their thoughts and Turn them to be Expressions of Who You are so that inward Your Spirit has Rule of their steps.  Give them a Source to find You, a Place to run to for the dark times that wants to confuse them.  Open the Doors of Revelations so that every thought has a Truth to compare it self for Accuracy.  Let them see You in their neighbors, in their friends, in each other, in their children, in their brothers and sisters, in their parents and step parents.  Strip away any false foundations that make them stumble in walking Your Plan in their life.  Spirit of God, Blow with Might the Salvation of Your Truth.  Fill them with the Knowledge of Amazements so that the Hunger to Know more is ever burning within their heart.  Take their hands with Determination to Lead them to Green Pastures.  Deliver them from the enemy’s lies and deceitfulness.  Shine Your Light upon all questions and false words that may lead them astray.  Keep Your Eyes upon them constantly so that no turn is made without Your Directions Speaking Loud in their heart for their best to be had in You.  Look Strong upon them today and with Your Holy Presence Fall in their midst and Shower them with a Visual of Devine Steps… Right Steps… Purposed Steps… Power Steps… Wondrous Steps.  I hold back the enemy’s plans by the Name that has been Given to me for my Salvation and the Salvation of my children for eternity.  I speak the Knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Wonders of the Cross He completed for their life to be Saved as His Work Purchased the Right to His bride.  Surround my children with Work that Makes a Difference today in their life.  I am so grateful for Your Love that Carries us from day to day in New Places as we are set Ablaze in One so Holy, Your Son, my Redeemer, my Protector and the Gift to my children to all eternity. 

My children...my children, oh God, my children...!!!!  

All those born and those not yet born...thank You Jesus for Seeing all of us before we were ever birthed; and keep me ever aware of my responsibility as their mother…!