Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, December 14, 2015

I Am Now, Respond With This Understanding

Climbing has me light headed, feeling weak, troubled as I struggle to take deeper breaths. 

And yet, this yearning to get to the top is so knitted into my soul, it is life I’ve come to know as the Restorer.  Bringing clarity to the mind that wonders far and near to be entertained. 

My bones cry out for the movement each Song from this High Place offers to those who fearlessly venture out to begin. Passion has locked me into its grip and I yearn for this Now of who You are.  Finding it is what You are, for You change not from yesterday, today and forever.  

For I have a new dance. 

I have asked, “What do I do when hurts take me down?”  You took me walking on water by saying “I Am Now, respond with this understanding.” I ponder this profound simple remark that I know will change my life forever from glory to glory. 

Now’? How does this answer give me strength to find Peace I know relieves the darkened soul? 

The melt-down begins as Your Spirit seems to hover over my heart, I dare explore this Love Note.  I recall times I feel alone, no one there to give me feedback. 

“I Am Now, respond with this understanding.” 

I stand among others in worship and I can only think of my failure to be in this intimacy.  

“I Am Now, respond with this understanding.” 

My load was heavy, so much to do and I’m ashamed. 

“I Am Now, respond with this understanding.” 

I began to sense my soul taking on this Truth and the change which happens again inside out.  How many times do I give my soul just the opposite answer…”Tomorrow I will fix this, or later I will deal with such and such…” 

To understand that eternity is NOW; for as His child I have already entered into eternity and will never die (not exist but take on a new body). To know He is Now, I immediately go into honoring the Creator. 

Instead of shifting into there is no answer, I find the I Am Now has it completely in control. I can sit in this and wait. There is no hurry when I am in His Now. He is NOW, tomorrow He is NOW, in a thousand years He is NOW.  He is forever and ever the NOW. 

Fearlessly I call myself His child living in His Now existence. He is the air I breath Now.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Silly With Lies

Poppa God, I lean so heavy upon Your grace. 

Knowing that when I push through, You are the faithful One, the One to break all chains that seem to hold me back. Those chains that cause my heart to begin my focus toward You (for life that fuels each moment), with that 'burden' more often than that 'praise'. 

Hopelessly silly with lies of being deserted, alone, tested for some experiment of Yours, I come with my cripple instead of a jog. Yet the very opposite is always in place.  I'm the one that deserted you, went off alone, and/or conducting some sort of experiment to see if I can get this or that results. The amazing is that I find You so excited over me, waiting for me in every situation of my heart's playing game. 

Ready to explore another day with me like it was just created, just designed for the first time... Light has just been opened to my eyes and the song of eternal life begins for what lies before me. 

Touching into this Space, my 'burden' now becomes connected to You without the words that failed me.  

I'm tapping into Your Thoughts, and You tap into mine. We love with fresh as we mix all previous eternal moments together.  

My smile has weeping attached, as well as, war against wrong. My swaying body moves as if I'm mixing the ingredients of Power to all my situations. 

All things pass before You as if I plugged into a surge protector, as Jesus' purpose for me becomes before Your very Presence and I cling to its wish. 

I have arrived to something my heart falls into depression without. Quickening me to come back, come and stay close to the Fire that has its blaze for my keeping. 

Here now, to pour out at a Place where hands are held tightly together so distractions have no pull. Where my eyes have their search fixed to follow this new Light for today, not yesterday's feast or tomorrow's world. 

I listen to what I adore, what swells to fill my thirsty soul. 

For can a soul drink beyond what heaven pours? Can a day hold a Brightness that blinds? Can my love exceed the Love that created me? No, a thousand times, no. I am fixed upon life, eternal Life that Loves me into this Place, His Presence. 

Bouncing with joy that awaits those who love Him. Those who dares to give that exchange...their burden for His Life. 

I dance in the struggles of life because He offers a Song with every Son-rise.