Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When God Speaks, What Will I Do?

Recently I’ve been challenged to see Jesus as the baby/man that He was on earth.  Learning and listening to His Father for instructions to find just how His life on earth will develop and for what reason He came.  The detailed Example He was for us to find the Father.  I was reading this morning in Matthew 17 and found an interesting thought as I carefully read deeper than my normal routine.  I have to admit that since this challenge I want to read everything that is written in RED… :0)  Matthew 17 is the story of Jesus taking James, Peter, and John on top a mountain alone (that was interesting…. Why alone… did these three have something others did not have?  Because I read later, on the way down the mountain, He tells them NOT to tell of this event until He has risen, it makes me think they must have been more trust worthy; for how many times did Jesus tell someone to not expose what He did for them and they went immediately out and declared it all?)   But the real interest I had was when Jesus begins to talk to Moses and Elijah… wow… mighty men of old and leaders of great world changing events for the Kingdom!  I can’t help but wonder…. WHAT did they talk about; and yet my thoughts immediately tell me that they must have been encouraging Jesus, this Son of God not yet ascended on High, still on earth to endure such hardships and travail over man kind with the work God had given Him, just as they saw the call from God fulfilled in their lives.  What a Glorious time for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus…. but what about James, Peter, and John?  They were absolutely absorbed in this Sweet Presence that was an actual visual before them as they just watched with such satisfaction going on inside them.  Ahhhh… allowing the ‘Sun’ of this mighty hour consume their insides as NEVER had they FELT such amazing Substance as the Glory of God and the visual of the Light so bright to look upon.  Jesus’ face brightly shone, his clothes even turned into a white that appeared as light.  They were able to look upon it and be amazed, enriched, adorned as it no doubt caused them to have a brighter reflection on their own clothing.  Oh how I relate to sitting in the Presence of the Mighty God; soaking in His Delight as He Pours out His Spirit to allow me to see the Insides of His Wonders.  His Love shooting down every care and worry as all my affections and attention is on Him. I am overcome and ready to stay there FOREVER…!  FOREVER..! BUT… have I had GOD ALMIGHTY show up like Peter, James, and John did?  I read that a Lighted Cloud came and overshadowed them…  WHAT?… a BRIGHTER LIGHT…?  They were fine as they watched the Light of God’s Glory upon others but what about when God Him Self shows up to manifest to you and not by way of another?  …. They fell on their faces… scared beyond anything that had ever scared them before.  It appears they were NOT going to MOVE nor look upon this Light for Jesus had to literally go over and touch them to let them know it was okay.  It was life changing. I can only imagine how speechless it would make them. To Peter, staying on that mountain and building a ‘room’ for each of them was a great idea as long as he was allowed to just sit and enjoy this Glory as it flowed off of or through some one other than him self; but I don’t read of any complaints as they actually start back down the mountain when they had their socks knocked off by a Reality of God speaking to them indivually.  I think they were ready to move on… completely overwhelmed with the Penetration of that Voice which told them that Jesus was His Son….LISTEN TO HIM..!  I don’t know about you but I don’t think God EVER speaks to just be saying this, that, or the other. He Speaks to Move things. Moses or Elijah didn’t need to know who Jesus was; Jesus knew he was the Son of God.  So God had multiple reasons for this encounter and I believe a big one was He wanted these three guys to LISTEN to JESUS, get serious and LISTEN TO JESUS.  As I read this story I can’t help but cry as I relate… Oh God…. help me LISTEN TO JESUS..!!!!   Something within me becomes scared for I am aware of God’s ability.  Didn’t He create all things out of nothing…!  What will I do when God turns to me and says it is TIME for me to LISTEN…!  Fall on my face… of course.   Then the Wonder of it all hits me… oh for the amazing Love Jesus was for me before I was even born and would need the Salvation He Brought.  For He is the Way… the Perfect Way to know and understand my Father!  He has showed me that ‘it is okay’. Matt. 17:7 But Jesus came and touched them and said, Get up, and do not be afraid.(Amp Bible) This is too much..!  Not only do I see that Jesus completed the call to allow for my salvation but He shows me it is okay to even be in the VERY PRESENCE OF THE FATHER, Listen to Jesus and hear the Father for myself.  Oh God, how Lovely is Your Holy Name and Work upon man kind.  I turn my heart to hear Your Voice and come unafraid for Jesus is still showing me the Way through His Life.  He has the Answers and is the Salvation to my soul.  I give my hearing to the Call of Your Work in me.  I get up from being afraid and in aw I accept Your Loving and Embrace.  I am Yours to Teach and Train…!