Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Watch Upon Words

Father, I am taken into a world of wonders just by knowing You.  Just because You are God, just because You made me, just because You are… I have some amazing thoughts and my journey with You is hardly started.  You have even said that I was ‘set apart’ because I know You.  Sometimes I feel just like any other life but sometimes I do not feel like anyone else at all.  Designed differently, finding my heart Placed in expected and unexpected Sources of Life You Connect me to.  Like a cloud that moves about as the Wind blows.  This is so fascinating! 

But if I am not Solid in Your Love, the Wind can cause me to fall hard into a pocket of time that is more like a shadow of smoke rather than the Fire of Existence that I find when I’m seeing myself in You.  Shaken by trimmers of my world Moving to the Finale of a Mighty Coming, I lose sight of Your Breath that Blows to Trim my dead works and cry over unnecessary weight falling.  I am broken for Your Cleansing and whine for its Purity is difficult to Wear.  

But with Love, You Continue to Trim and Cleanse my words by nailing them before me so that I can match them to Yours and find those to Keep and those I must allow to burn.  Words so familiar but their road leads to unmarked destinies of no worth rather than to Truth that brings Smiles to every Remembrance of Your Heart.  I am pondering my conversation by the Help of One Holy and Stand in Your Counsel for the Trimming of unwanted words.  Words that carry fear as their foundation of sand; shaking the understanding of Good and bad.  I deliver the surrender of my words to the Tender and Precision of Truth, as Your Love makes Moves in me that I have yet to experience.  No love can match Your’s whose is Everlasting; so the process and uncertainty the mind feels of this moment of Change beginning has unbelievable Mercy as the Teacher.   As I partner with this New Moving of Your Wind upon me, I open my heart to New Trust building and forming as I watch with careful eyes a world of Wonders just because I know You, just because You are God, just because You made me, just because You are..!  As the Life of Jesus, Your Son, Laid this example of Choosing His Words, I rest in His Life that Dwells in me that even my breath speaks only His Love...!

John 20:22 (The Message Bible)
Then he took a deep breath and breathed into them. "Receive the Holy Spirit," he said.    

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Ready to Shut Up and Listen

Job 40:3-5 Job answered:

   "I'm speechless, in awe—words fail me.
   I should never have opened my mouth!
I've talked too much, way too much.
   I'm ready to shut up and listen."
(The Message)

God, I am failing and I repent.  I am wondering around in the Charlotte knowledge of who You are and I have not even came close.  For I have never hung a star.  I have never created even a tiny seed that begins a field of trees.  I speak with a crippled heart.  I fall all the way to the bottom with pride and determination that I have answers.  Living before Your Eyes is so hard to understand.  You have Placed the Beginning and I have zero understanding of where I am in that Timing.  I do not even get myself up in the mornings.  I speak of One I read about and think I am an expert; reading from the mind that travels many directions during a setting.  I can hardly get through a sentence without feeling the pride of my own words.  Where can I go with such silliness.  How can I escape a place that makes me feel worth and tells me if I move I will die?   I say I want to sit before Your Eyes and yet when You Call I crumble.  How is it possible?  I really do not have a clue.  Jesus is the Shield that Protects me from death and yet I cannot fathom how this applies to my day as moment by moment can seem eternal.  I am so lost in my own way.  I know only to lay my crocked heart before you. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Those Who Love His Name Will Dwell There

Psalm 69:5 (The Message)

 5 God, you know every sin I've committed;
   My life's a wide-open book before you.

Psalm 69:34-36 (NIV)
34 Let heaven and earth praise him,
   the seas and all that move in them,
35 for God will save Zion
   and rebuild the cities of Judah.
Then people will settle there and possess it;
 36 the children of his servants will inherit it,
   and those who love his name will dwell there.

Father, with GREAT SATIFACTION AND DELIGHT I praise You; for I am rejoicing with a heart of passionant thoughts and pouring of the Mighty Act of Mercy that Wrote my name upon Your Heart, even as I am.  Written upon a Place neither man nor can enemy touch or remove, upon Your Heart Hidden in the Secret Place. Lightness is my path as this Jewel of Great Price is Presented as my reward. I stand in such need; waiting, with happy feet that Dance in Your Arms daily, for each Face to face Embrace.  How Miraculous, for You Truly KNOW me; I am completely exposed beyond the words or countenance of my soul’s painful search for justice or equality of my own judgments, yet finding You are Bigger than my difficulties or my shameful ways.  I can only bring You my broken heart and without failure You Sincerely are Open and Call me on in. Each time taking me to be Your Own.  Adopting me into Love’s Flow for my life to Dwell in Your Name as I wearily continue my search for all Your Ways to be mine.  For I fall but Your Hand is there to help me try again.  I faint and Your Energy is there to Revive my breathing.  I show You my crippled past and You Cover it with Grace to overcome and Kiss away the pain.  OHhhhhh, How I LOVE Your Name and what Amazements it brings to my days.  Your Name has such Volume in its Truth and always outweighs my weakness and stumbling.  What is greater than Your Name; oh none, my Lord!  What exceeds Your Name’s Blessings; oh none, my Lord!  What can I seek of more value than Your Name; oh none, my Lord!  My Inheritance is Your Name and I Dwell there in Peace. My Inheritance is Your Name and my heart praises with all of creation in both land and sea.  I love Your Name and wear it with much gratitude, for You have chosen me out of darkness and Placed me in Your Light that Warms inside out.  I am Love Sick for I Love the Place of Provision in Your Name..!  Softly Your Name is spoken within a deep thought …. ‘Jesus’… and the Atmosphere changes as it Declares Loudly a Miracle of Grace upon my life.  Again spoken ‘Jesus’ and the Beauty of a Mystery of Love Swells within.  I am so lost to its Pampering and Delight.  As I accept Your Name as truly my own, I secretly with great hopes, pray I can be Made just like this Miracle of Grace and reflect Its Worth and change the atmosphere all about me so all wrong is Pushed away.  There is no One or no Thing Like You.  I yearn after Your Name always with passion that was Given…!  I Love Your Name, Jesus…! Thank You for Your Name that was Born for the Eternal Life I Receive through It…!   I Love Your Name and desire to always Dwell Here.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting For the Next Glance, Sound, Movement

God, I am so messed up.  I am so, so messed up.  I have been smitten by a Love that Speaks to me night and day. Oh, with a whisper it keeps my soul in constant awareness of its Sweetness and how delicately it Gives me a tingle all over.  I know I am walking about on ground but inwardly I am sure I have risen above the ground ,into the air, as I cannot feel my steps, they just happen.  I stop and curl up in a comfortable position with the Pillow about my head and I Wait for a New Slumber.  A Slumber that eases everything about me and assures me of a Safe Place where the heart goes into thoughts of the Love I want to tell and the Love that I receive.  Slowly it Falls, the Perfect Slumber, as it begins with the Passion of Realness; without pretense and no shame.  My mouth begins to form a light smile before I realize I have even made an expression.  I reposition my head in my Pillow as I listen to the Sound of Love over me.  I take a deep breath, for it is a moment that seems too good to be true.  Your Voice holds so much more than sound, so much more than words that tumble from a mouth.  Your Voice has few Words yet what comes from Them Creates in my mind  more than I can write of or gather.  It’s like Your Glance even has Words that I cannot catch for they are too numerous.  I wait with the arms of my heart open to hear them, yet it is too much.  I wait for the Next Glance, Sound, Movement; anything for I lay down to sSumber in the Rest that takes me away to a Place that fascinates me. 

What do You see in me?  I know that who You are is Love Unending, Unselfish with Abandonment of all that is Yours towards me.  Willing to allow me to take on Your Name and Sing with its Joy.  But why Chase me?  Why, my thoughts question.   Why Chase after me with such Wonders of Gifts and Love so Pure.  I am of such want and my needs are from such brokenness and yet You see something that delights Your Hearing.  You Hear me coming to our Place of Captured Thoughts and I see You afar Running to Open the Door for me.  Heavens make Note of the Time, makes Note of our exchanged words.  The Stir is all about as I watch Creation Forming for a Moment with You is never the same. It is always New. 

Who is that Singing?  Tones of such as a City.  Many, so many Bells that Ring New Taps of Tunes, so many unspoken Love Sounds coming from an awaken gathering.  I wait, as I slumber in such Softness for I have found Safety in Your Arms, the Softness of This Pillow.  I am falling in Love over and over as I wait.  Waiting for the Next Glance, Sound, Movement; anything for I lay down to slumber in the Rest that takes me away to a Place that fascinates me…! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are You Still There?

Father, as I have remembered Your Love throughout my life, too numerous to count or write of, I realize today is what my heart has longed and waited for.  Today is the time that I can bring to the open my appreciation of Your Plans for me and marvel at how You Work.  Always Looking to Stretch Your Hand to my aid.  I don’t understand Your Consistency.  I don’t get it, Your Gladness over me.  I keep coming back with eyes of curiosity, ‘Are You still there?’  I make another move with one eye on You and one eye afar.  I wonder…? ‘Are You still there?’  I giggle as I see You Watching, finding such Pleasure that You don’t want to miss a thing I do.  Etching my words in the Stones for eternity to hear; how is it that You are Fascinated over me?  How does this make Your day more exciting?   What is it exactly that You are Looking for in me?   Oh how I wonder, how I find it beyond comprehension that I am Your Tabernacle and Your Dwelling lies within my movement on earth.  That the walk and work of my days carry such as the Glory of such Brightness I cannot look on with natural eyes.  How is it that such Sounds line them self up to make such Sweet Melody’s for my ears to hear and my voice to utter?  Do You Form them at night while I sleep?  Do You scatter them all around the earth so that as I come to it’s destiny, I find them?  Are they hanging in the particles of the air so when my body touches into its substance, I am Taken into Your Song.  For with amusement and curiosity I am Brought into Your Place moment by moment as if I were dancing in a soft rain as the Sun shines to show safety.  New Comes to my heart and I am Freshly Dressed in Your Sound as each day gives it’s all to me.   My outer garment is so warn and oldness is more and more visible.  How is it that I feel more Life instead of less as this process is happening?   Is it because of age which brings me closer to the Day I meet You Face to face?  I am so caught up in the High Notes of Your Soft Voice and Your Walk that puzzles my mind.  How did I get here?  How did You do this?  I look with curious eyes this morning as I deeply enjoy Your Consistent Love over me and scramble around with giggles of Joy when I continue to find You, when I stop and ask,  'Are You still there?'

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He Wanted Me

Can it really be another day?  Yesterday was so full of Love Expression upon my heart that I found my yearning satisfied so many times with unending Visuals of such Beauty as a lot of Hand Holding was done.  This morning as I gave time to worship before going to work, I was again Taken to the Arms of His Kindness as God’s Rain Filled the room. 

Father, inside my whole being melts as we Walk and Talk together.  Sometimes I get so tickled at myself after being with You in an Open Heart Session for some of the ways I thought.  It Amazes me how You so Gently Share Your Kind Love and my own thought process slowly shifts and changes.  Sometimes a change of understanding is a great degree of Change, so much that it seems to completely turn me around; and other times I can only handle an Adjustment.  I love the Adjustment I received this morning of what even a Gift from You is all about.  Tell me more Father, oh please tell me more!  Give New Understandings to Build upon what was Shared this morning.  Your Gifts, and I have so many, are always made to bring me closer to You, to better understand so that I grow in the Knowledge of who You are.  You Gave Your Son… WHY? Because You wanted me to be closer to You and to better understand, grow in the Knowledge of who You are.  You Gave me children,,, WHY? You wanted me to be closer to You and to better understand, grow in the Knowledge of who You are.  Your Gifts are Poured upon us for Your Work to be accomplished in us.  A child, oh Father, thank You with my whole heart for giving me children; but so often the challenges of these Gifts made me fear, made me cry, made me hurt to the inner most core of my existence.  So I sought You, I ran to You, I come to bring You my heart of concerns for them.  How Amazing that these Gifts from You turn such difficult times to Beautiful Places in You, bringing me to You because You wanted me.  A Gift of a job, a Gift of a soul mate, a Gift of friends and family… all from You because You wanted me.  Forgive me Father for ugliness that comes from my heart when dealing with a Gift of Love You Brought to me because You wanted me.  I accept the Gifts that are Given to sharpen my awareness that You want me.  For EVERY Good Gift comes from the You, Father.  And ALL things work to the Good of those who love You.  Because You wanted me I may meet a difficult situation today and the tuning of my heart needs adjustment.   I find frustrations so easily but I will look to You who Orders my footsteps because You wanted me 

I am grateful for Your Gifts and thank You for wanting me…!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love Floats Lightly About the Air I Breathe

I sit here and have just been caught up in such Love.  I am of need to spill out again from its unmatched Musical Sounds within, so deep, as my own love escapes with unheard Songs with the Countenance of His Face.  Like a String of Vapor Forming to take Shape with Streaks of Colors as this Love Floats Lightly about in the air I breathe.  Each Sound Stays to Linger and Give Richness as it waits for the next breath to join and consume the room with its Greatness.  You, oh my God, You are my God that I lean into for Life as my thoughts seek to praise You.  Thoughts seeking to reach the Courts of Your House; thoughts from my soul that will cover you as I wade in the Waters of Fresh Springs unlike any known on earth, while it bathes the heart with Clarity.  My words hold my heart and passion of appreciation and I want to pour my love back to the Ears that taught me such Passion.  You are Good and I am of aw of the Safety that Your Name and Walk Provides me during the night when I cannot see, and so Abundant during the day while I am being tossed and tried of its darkness.  You are the Stillness I hold to in each shaking. You are the Total Wisdom in each storm that rises to prove where You Live.  You Listen before I speak.  You Find me before I am lost.  You Cover me before it rains.  Your Warnings are like the Safety of unfound tunnels as I am Hidden in the Walls of Jesus Messiah, Your Beloved Son.  My voice is heard without an utterance.  Your Trust is Building its Foundation in me with Your Love that Delivers me from evil.  I just want to give You this moment, this time in this way, as I make an effort to return to You my inner thoughts that are the real rule of who I am.  Seated with You through Christ Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice for my existence in You.  I want my whole being sing Holy, Holy, Holy, Most High God.  Holy as Perfection has Complete Fulfillment and Honor finds me on my knees.  The earth is Yours as we Echo the angels that Declare You are Holy.  We find You Holy in the Total of who You are.  Holy with Pureness and faultless from the beginning to the end.  All Your Steps to Show Your Greatness has been seen as Love and by accepting this Love I am Climbing into the Way of Your Kingdom.   You have Started a Love Exchange in my heart and I am Singing of its Goodness.  For today and forever, I want to be established in the Kingdom as Your Owned. 

The Road Called Worry

Oh Mighty God of my Inheritance, Salvation of my soul.  The God, only God, who has Sought me with Amazing Lengths to Open my heart to Your Own for Your Pleasure and mine.  The eyes of my heart searches, takes time this morning to find Your Astounding Place my Father, to be Stayed upon You.  For You Sit upon the Throne of Greatness and all Wisdom which has been Poured Out for the walk we were designed to travel.  I search for the Key that unlocks the Secrets to This Place for I am human and find distractions the path often taken.  You have Placed Road Signs in all of my days but I often find a side-road of curiosity.  This morning I found a side-road for I awoke with worry scratching at freshly healed wounds; and with reluctance but curiosity, I took a slower look at it to find the coldness of its apparel left me in want and concern.  I saw pain and sorrow and knew it was a place I could ponder but I became confused to whether it was for me to travel.  As I lift up my thoughts to Your Greatness and all Wisdom I seek with a pause in my travels for I find desire for a clearer map that is written in my language, considering my age, written for my day and in my aria of time.  The turmoil of my understandings are so mixed with the roads traveled in the past that took me off course, this time I want to avoid.  The Voice within is such a special Knowledge that keeps Knocking for my attention but with it is outside stumbling rocks and weeds grown up in my path.  Lost in this crossroad I just stop and look Up, for again Your Love reminds me of Your Constant Care and that the Results of Your Wisdom Take my feet and Direct their course.  Today is not yesterday, today is a completely different day and holds a multitude of New Light for my pathway.  Your Kindness brings back the smile that left when I got distracted and curious on a road called worry.  The Pure Reach of Your Hand to Guide with Love is what Restores Life Abundant.  Staying on the Road Built with a Foundation of Love will Keep my feet from slipping.  Your Love never fails and the Beauty of such a Word Sings its Song both in the heavens and the earth with Power I have yet to tap into.  The Power of Pure Love can take on a maze of distractions for its Source Comes from the Beginning and has more than efficient Supply to the end.  It caused the army of religious men to crumble, yet caused the Wake of millions and millions of souls to walk His Path, His Way.  Pure Love Gives in Constance.  It sees past the initial sight of a different road to travel and sees the end to its destruction so it Turns away.  Knowing the small comfort to the flesh is quickly smothered with the pains of wondering in darkness.  Love has Massive, Mammoth, Astronomical, Revelations to Strip Blindness and Feed the soul with Health for Life and Life more Abundantly.  I see Your Love, Father and Your Kindness that Sent Your Only Son for me.  As I accept This Love for myself, I purpose to give it also with the Strength of what it does for me and to me.  I am one Loved and Cherished, and in Your Love I am becoming Your Image as I fight the fight to the end.

Ephesians 6:  ….12 - 18 (The Message)
This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels. Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it's all over but the shouting you'll still be on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You'll need them throughout your life. God's Word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other's spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.

Father, I pray, I pray hard and long for Your Love to Develop Strong in me and my children, family and friends; so that we will know how to APPLY Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, and Salvation to make them more than words.  By applying Love as the Foundation for every move we make as You have done in Sending Your Son for our salvation because You Loved while we were yet sinners.  Amazing...! As You have said, Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and soul and Your neighbor as yourself.  The Foundation for all Your Work and Direction for ours is Love.  My prayer is completely based upon the Son You Sent, Jesus Christ, who has Showed us this Mighty Love You have and Work from. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Love That Takes Away My Previous Understanding

Yearning inside swells
as Whispers Fall like soft rain
and begin to Soak my thoughts. 
Come, says the Rain.  Come, Says Love, as the Pitter-Pat of Warm Sounds make Their way to my heart’s hearing.  

So I run to the Mountain of Your Shadow where the Train of Your Glory Fills the Sphere of my existence.  Where Intimacy is so Extreme no other can gather there with me.  Just You and I caught together as a New Song escapes my heart to lift the weight of Love that You have Ravished over me. 

My heart searched and without disappointment, I arrive to find such a Special Intimacy.  An Intimate Place that has Sweetness even at its Door.  I can hardly catch my breath in anxiousness, full with anticipation of what is to come.  I stop at the Door with my eyes wide open to consume and gather all that I can visualize.  

I am overwhelmed with
Love’s First Words,
“ooooOOOoo, Thank you For Coming, My Love for you Is Extraordinary Today!” 

Its Sound hits every weakness I have and suddenly, Strength of Your Song Gives my weariness Fresh Food I find only at Your Banquets.  Tears escape my eyes, for even though my heart knew of Love’s Extreme, the Moment carry’s such Fragrance to all my senses, I allow His Words Surround me in His Captivation of my visit. 

I am so full of need and painful failures and yet His First Words are Fashioned from Pure Love and Acceptance.  The Solid of this Emotion and the Piercing of its Direction towards me is something New Created each time, again and again, forming Higher and Higher in me to be a vessel to carry such a Portion of Wonder.  I wait and I empty myself of thoughts of self worth or words that want to come to qualify such Tender Love Over me and for me!  I find no score in my findings. I accept the Generous Gift in which I have nothing in return to pay, accept who I am, surrendering to His Love.  I step forward Drenched in the Substance of such Great Love. 

I again fall but His Eyes Catch me; His Voice Beckons me to Rise and Live.  I speak, How can I stand? How can I move? For I am trembling as I see with Newness, Your Love so Pure!

Your Love moves me to humility that
takes away my previous understanding. 

Your Arms are Outstretched and without a distraction or waver You Show me that You have been Waiting, and all Your Thoughts are to Bring me Closer to even this Moment.  Even this Day You have Made for me and Your Pleasure over me.  This Moment is of Grandeur Purposes as the Saturating Gift of Your Love Never Lets Up.  You Never Take Your Eyes off of me.  Every word I utter, every step I take, every sound of my heart is Filtered to my Father by Love’s Pure Eyes upon me as He Continues to Make Everything Beautiful for me. 

I give in…everything within me weeps. 

I am His; and by His Love in Constant Motion towards me, and with Love Holding me, I accept such a Gift.  Totally in the Intimacy of Divine, I give my self to play in His Courtyard of my heart.  Reaching to give room for His Jealous Love for me, I surrender to the Call that Whispers its Soft Rain to come. 

I run. 
I run to the Love that Carry’s my world.   

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fragrance Of A Field I Came Upon

Papa Father, what are You Thinking today?  It is so early in the morning and I am so curious.  I see a complete day ahead… many, many minutes to be shared with others and so I am searching this morning.  Your Son came and He made a Connection to those You Sent His Way.  Words He Spoke were of Ultimate Importance and His Footsteps were Designed to Follow Your Heart to Gather the Multitude towards You.  Finding Love as the Foundation for every Word Spoken.  This caused my own Explosion within my heart as I too was Placed in His Purpose from the Work of Your Soft Wind.  He Poured out Mercy to Reveal Your Heart and I have fallen slave to This Love.  I breathe to know it deeper.  I seek to find its Covering.  I praise so that my eyes make contact with its Beauty.  I hear even the Mention of His Name so Pure and it lingers on my heart as I repeat it over and over, Jesus, my Jesus, oh Jesus, sweet Jesus….. JESUS…..!  It is like the Name Covers me with a Blanket that Consumes all my thoughts and gives them a New Attitude.  They had one meaning prior to the Entrance of His Name and a much different Meaning after the Sound of His Satisfying Name makes Union with my distant heart.  It is like the fragrance of a field I come upon slowly to find first the aroma of such delight and want to stop to breath it in and then share, ‘do you smell what is entering the room.’  As I enjoy the Air that is Penetrating my lungs, my pores and surroundings I am Stricken with Stillness for Moments Recorded in eternity. I Wait with Its Amazements Saturating my thoughts.  And then with as deep of breathes I can take, I freeze for this one purpose; to slowly inhale so that I can savor this time of Awakening.  I hold it for as long as I can.  I am now so full of its Aroma I cannot continue.  I exhale and open my eyes to find the Field I am in is of Brilliant Colors that have no Flaws.  Each Color Pierces with Exactness, much like a Perfect Picture of a Moment.  For Control of its Revelation is for those only who Know His Name; those who have risen to the Power of His Name and Look in on the Marvels of Its Movements.  A Perfect Picture but yet it does not remain still.  Its Picture Moves as it Wills and I am Encouraged to Follow.  ‘Fix Your Eyes Upon Me’ it Pleas.  The Sounds of the Words are like Drums that are beating in sync with my own heart beats.  The Colors are Sharp and within each Color comes its Sound as my ears open to hear.  I am Caught by the Sights and Sounds of such Purity.  Where has He Taken me?  What have I done to be Allow such an Exploration of Unknown?  A Voice Comes back to my Awakened heart.  It Reveals the Sounds of its Presence.  “I AM” I hear as I stare at this New Song.  A Sound Comes again….“Be Still and Know I AM God.”  I melt as I behold all around me is the Creation of His Hand.  Nothing is without His Knowledge, His Making, His Love Poured upon.  The Existence of my day, the Existence of my breath, the Existence of my next step…. His Love Out Stretched for me and the Final Day.  I am Still, He is God…!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleepy Eyed

My eyes are open this morning as the sun (Son) has risen to show off its Abundance; Proud to be of Service to my troubled heart.  I stumble out of bed and His Love Directs me to the Fountain.  I slept prior to this awakening with pleas of His Warmth to Come.  With a frown upon my heart I whine of my weakness.  Oh come, I cry, to put a Whistle in the Tune in my voice.   For winter wears down my countenance but the sun (Son) Gives Light and Open Space to Run and Play in the Fields of Gladness.  I tried to build a light but it failed me.  I tried to build a room but it smashed me in its walls.  I tried to carry the load upon my back but it broke me.  Winter set in like a north wind with no where else to go.  And so I slept.  But as I slept the Dreamer Came to my heart.  Softly He Shares the Day ahead.  Softly He Bids me to once again dare to get up another time.  I resisted and awakened lightly to say ‘it’s only a dream’.  But again the Passion Comes to my Inner Room where I left the Door Slightly Open.  Softly again He Whispers His Dream upon my mind and with a Brighter Vision He Bids my whole heart to reach once again.  I struggle, ‘What do I hear?’  ‘What is happening?’  ‘Why is This Troubling me?’  I shut the eyes of my Seeing and sleep. 

Oh but Love is so Sleepless.  Love is Enduring.  Love is Stretched Beyond limits of closed eyes.  Love Walks through boundaries.  Love Shakes with Long Suffering and Determination to Save.  Love never fails.  So I am stirred to Take His Hand and Open an eye.  I am shot with holes of despair but I cannot deny this Light that continues to Wake me.  I lost hope but Hope Keeps Peering into my soul.  The sun (Son) has Shined into my partially open curtains and my sleep is Disturbed.  I roll over and say, ‘not now, let me sleep.’  But the sun (Son) Kisses me Good morning.  Why? I ask.  The sun (Son) says ‘because our Father has Called us.’  Called us to what? I say.  ‘Oh, He has Called us to His Kingdom where all sorrow and pain will be Wiped Away.  Rise and Run with Me, Rise and Work Along My Side for our Father’s Love will Multiply in us.  The Father’s Love will Flood the earth with Its Sweetness and all His sleepers will Awaken.  He is Calling by His Love Abundance.  Awake and See…!’

So sleepy eyed I have dared to think changes.  Sleepy eyed I am peeking into New Hope.  This Brightness is Brighter than my eyes seem to adjust to but I am working slowly to open as Water Falls of Love are Insisting I am its Destiny.  I have agreed to contain its Pool but I know I will soon be Over Flowed with Its Water. 

Maybe I can find another sleepy head and share this Abundance.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love That Stops the World I Was In

Oh how heavy the heart is when injustice to my Lord comes from my own lips.  Impossible is the pain heard from others.  For doesn’t one cry of despair in the darkness.  Doesn’t a heart find a rock to hide under when the difficulties of exposure becomes the obvious.  Don’t you close the door before you weep with repentance?  The voice comes to you from every corner… arise and do not allow depression to be the covering of your head.  Don’t you Know the God of all, pardons your sin with giggles and songs.  Oh how I have used this garment too long to find my escape from changing my heart.  I am weak with knowledge of my rebellion.  I am crushed of my own sad song.  The city cries, why so glum, know not we are in the midst of a party.  Come celebrate for all the guests have arrived and trimmings have been placed to give us joyful faces.   But my heart returns to its ashes.  Oh how I have failed.  I have failed for I have seen God and not changed.  How broken my heart appears as it bleeds heaviness from the deepness of my insistence.  For His Love Constantly Pours upon my heart!  His Love Scooted me to Safety and I ran back out into the street.  Again, over and over His Love Comes my way and Sings to me Its Purity and Woes me to His Embrace.  I am Saturated with Your Goodness and Mercy and yet I fall into the darkness of my own wants.  I am overcome with sadness and knowledge of my sins.  You Walk in with Full Glory and my heart cried “WHAT? WHAT GOD?”  “Why are You here?”  I look around as I sit in Songs of You.  My eyes begin to search for a visual of this Glory Light that Came in.  WHAT IS HAPPENING?  It Consumes all my walls and extends to overflowing boundaries.  Oh God, I am so weak..!  Oh my Lord, I lie in confusion for I swallow Your Goodness with such gratitude and hunger multiplies.  I walk in the Footsteps of angelic leading from Your Grace but yet I find my own seeking.  I rejoice and play daily as Your Voice Thunders with Beauty I had yet heard.  I give my all to surrender to this Amazing Place.  But with Something New, Your Extreme Outrageous Love comes to my heart for Deeper Understanding.  I am Taken to a New Realm of Love that Builds again with Your Source of Knowledge.  OH GOD I CRY…!  I lower my head as I Soak in the Love that Stops the world I was in.  You Speak!  I Love…I Love with Passion… I Love with Abundance…. I Love… Oh how I Love with Strength and Beauty…. I Love in Absolute…. I Love with Piercing Eyes Fixed upon each breath I Treasure Given… …. … … those I Discipline.”  Oh Father that Loves me, I am wicked.  I am of constant striving to do right and do wrong.  I am confused in the holiness of rights and wrongs.  Find me seeking, my God.  Find me hoping, my Lord.  But most of all, find me changing.  Oh how I want to change.  Awaken my sleepy eyes and heart and give me Strength to change.  I am waltzing in Your Abundance and I have taken advantage of Your Love.  I repent and find myself leaning in Your Everlasting Arms Knowing even now that I have no fears for Your Love will Prevail.   I am victorious because You Paved my existence to You.  All Your Ways Take me to Joy Overflowing.  I lament as I accept Your Love so Abundant for Discipline which I had yet to experience in this Magnitude.  Love that stirs the heavens to move about. Such unspeakable Love to have within me.  Thank You for Showing me Deeper Love… Love that is so Deep it Stays in a Position until I learn.  Oh God of Righteousness and Purity, Stay in my heart, Work in my heart, as I continue to fall on my face for the escape from my own desires so that the Total Work is Accomplished in me.  Help my unbelief.  Take this and Change me to not just hear Your Love but to be a doer and Follow with Change.

Monday, March 14, 2011

For This I Lean Into

I could NEVER outlove my God, only return to Him my own passion.  But communicating with Him is a Treasure I LOVE...!

I AM the One that your heart saw before you knew you saw me.  I AM was there in the design of your existence.  I AM was there when I placed the breath within your lungs and I Placed my Desires within your tiny heart.  I gave a Plan that would take you to the Road of being who you are.  Your soul was made in the Music of my Pattern.  Listen to the Tune of my Love as you give way to my Sounds.  Step in to my Chambers and know that you are the Harmony of my Melody.   I Took such deep Care in my Creation that the very ancestors of your making is ordained and part of my Plan for your life.  I Am in the making of your walk for eternity.  With your name I have given to you in the Book of Life I have Given you everything of Mine.  Just as you do not understand the process of your birth, neither can you grasp the Total of my eternity.  Just take all of Me and seek the Things of My Kingdom and you will continue to grow as you see a child grow.  For I saw you as I was placing the stars in the sky.  I saw you when I set the earth spinning.  I saw you as the fruit of my Son’s Walk.  I Hear you call Me, I Hear you making the cries of passion.  I Hear you when you do not even know you are speaking.  For this I Lean into the sound of hearts turned to Me.   For this I Search the earth to find my Son’s Adornment;  clothing Him in praise from the Image of His Love.  Reflecting His Walk and Surrendering to the Intimacy He Enjoys.  Keep searching your heart and offering those places to me.  I will Heal and Restore.  I will breaks down walls that divide the heart with fears.  I will Place the Solid of My Heart within you and Build your Trust in me.   My Hand is in Constant Work for the Union of my Son’s bride as Reward for eternity. 

God, the Wonder of all existence, I bow my heart to the Sounds of Your Love.  I bow the gift of Your Making to Your Design of Love.  With a grateful heart I make my sounds of love in return.  Not with my voice but with my doing and being I offer the song of my own love as I raise what I have been Given to Your Ears so Turned toward me.  You Make Known Your Love in constant Flow to my life and I lay softly in the Arms of Your Passion.  You Rescue me from all harm with Knowledge of what will help me grow to know more clearly Your Total Accomplishments of Completeness.  I sing my la-la-la’s with the heaven’s choir to sing love much deeper than words of my own comprehension.  I sing with heart of His Love and as a child of You, the I Am.  For my body dances when the world see’s no movement, I sing while the world hears no sound.  I seek while the world sees only outward gathering.  I am a temple of Your Intimacy soaked in the Midst of Thick Clouds that forbid me to move quickly but Encourage me to Stay and Talk and Commune with the Sounds of this New Love Song.  Each moment Richer than the moment before; each Sound clearer than previous Sound to the heart of one who stays to study.  I ponder this Place with the eyes of my heart searching diligently for there is so much to explore.  I desire to stay in Your House and will make all the arrangements I can to live here.  Keep me here, Guided by the Light of Your Wonders.  Keep me here in Your Presence.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caught by the Eye of God?

In my walk that appears to me so short,
I stop
and marvel as I look forward
and think how
I am at working to complete today
for it happens one second at a time;
and then,
I marvel at His Eye upon it all.
His Eyes
that Move while I consciously live
by breathing in and out
to remain awake, asleep, as I communicate
with each moment given. 

So long ago
His Breath
was Breathed in my soul
and in the Secret Place I stayed. 

Caught by the Eye
of the Mighty One
I have stumbled
as His Love has Encouraged me
night and day to Follow
His Sent One. 

Upon the earth I walk as
He Looks upon,
and together I form with many
the 'Pupil'
of His Eye. 

by His Eye Stayed
as I breathe in and out the
Air He Gives so that

His Glory

is Revealed
and His Eye continues
to Focus
for much Bigger Means than I,
yet Detailed for me.   

Warmed by His Presence
His Eye Promises
to not leave my thoughts
or life,
nor even the heart of my mouth. 

Caught by
His Eye
He was Grieved the wrong against me
and Sealed His Love Toward me
to Carry me far from it. 

Caught by His Eye
I have been
Washed by the Promise. 

Taken Back,
taken far Back
to This Promise that Lived
also on earth
First Caught the Eye
of God for

 As this moment gives way,
a fresh hunger is upon my heart
that Breathes this Truth.  
For my Father Looks upon
and each move
make is Seen through
His Eye
upon this Truth. 
Filtered by Extraordinary,
One Sent for me. 

I have been
by His Eye and He Looks upon
with Love. 

Now as my understanding grows
of His Focus of me,
out comes a prayer
of my heart
to Satisfy
His Sight of me. 
A cry develops
for help to Press
into this Visual Knowledge
of His Search
and All Seeing Eye. 

May I humble my ways
so that
yield to the Wooing of my heart
His Kingdom
while I continue
my Praise
of He who Loved me
and died
that I find His Eye Satisfied…!