Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, April 4, 2011

Place Where the Angels Play

Oh Burning Flamed Eyes that Pierces me from the inside out; my God, all Consuming of my heart and soul, ever lasting, forever to be the Light that chases all darkness into non existence from my heart.  Come and continue this day the Love Process that Wins my attention so that it is all I see and all that I yearn.  I am shaking as I have been Taken by the Tenderness of what Burns within.  It is the Title of Ownership.  It is the Work of Released Flames that have Come to Own me.  I am Sealed to its Passionate Written Song as it Rises past the control of my souls weaknesses.  It has Given a Place to my mind that in all troubles and wondering, I come back and Find Him.  Find Him Holding Strong the Stings that are Attached to be in this Way.  Making a Fire that Warms and Releases a Glory of His Place, this Love Pasture of Growth where I am brances extended from Love's Vine.  Touching me with Extraordinary Wave Lengths that Rise and Fall to Musical Tunes Showing a Beauty unseen and unheard.  Rising to the Embrace of Encircled Power and Walls that cannot be Passed through by outside disturbances.  The Unction of One Holy has Voiced a Song and it Sings His Want.  His Want of me.  Desires Spoken to be Heard if Listening.  So Lifts the Pull of His Greatest Desires and I find I am in His Arms that Stretched to Grab my heart with His Atmosphere, in His Pasture so Pure.  His Song of Desire Replays over and over as I Burn with this Whispered Explosion of unheard Love.  How long, how far, how much, how often, how great, how can this be?  How can His Face be so Cornered to the Restoration of my existence? How does this Flame take my mind, soul, body to this Place where the angels play?  Where the River is so Clear that it appears no level of depth or height, just existence.  I find my own love of such lacking and can only stand captured by His, so I come with brokenness.  With my cries I bend at the visual of my own image and with a loud shout I declare He is the Almighty, without even one to compare to His Likeness.  Of Uttermost Precision in All Ways, He is Sitting on The Throne.  Forever to be honored with praise of Who He Is and His Right to be worshipped!  I am found adoring His Love together with the elders and angels as I look upon Him and Amazed at what I see.  He Is.  The Only One!  Risen to a Place with the Father and Standing there......for me!  I weep for I am His.  His Name was Left for my acceptance to This Place, so I Soak in its Work as I hold it dear and close, breathing in over and over and over so that it is taken within me Deeper.  Jesus, oh my Jesus, Jesus, the Only One Worthy!  Jesus, You are so Majestic and the Total of Your Name, Jesus, sends out this Explanation of Power, as it is spoken all around the world and into the heavens as men fall on their knees.  The angels fall in reverence as Your Name comes from the earth from a bride You love.   The bride that awaits, singing together our praise with the heavens until You Return for us; to join with all those who know You and live in the Place where the angels play…!   So be Your Name...!