Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Friday, June 16, 2017

Depression Is...

Father, this mystery of such height, I can only float to its water flow. I am nameless until You bring on my name. I can feel separated and drowning in despair without this fear that has delight as the fixed connection to belong. 

For depression is the weak union, where one is unknowing a fountain is exploding inside the heart. The pressure to soak is so mighty, a reaction has to be given to lift up, let out; spread forth the rhythm of what we are created for. 

A hunger for daily bread will give such glory to wisdom, the Spirit of His Word on earth.  Just as the rocks will cry out to worship if high praise is softened to dull, so will the soul cry for daily bread and fall under burdened and barren if not feasting on bread that moistens the hardened heart unfed.  

Take hold, see the ribbons of praise spewing into this land from my heart to decorate life and the air that I breathe.  See the lift and waves they make to sound forth the eternal timeless beauty of what you create as more glorious than the birds of the air.  

Show the awesome welcome of incomparable love returned to You from the mix of all I have learned of You.   See how it brings me joy from being clothed by Your Love. 

Soaked in this mystery forever. Knowing that when my heart drops, I need but come to the river and swim about in beauty that moves my inner heart to new outward appearance of radiance.   

Lost in assurance.  Consumed in abundance.  Weary of nothing. Depressed forgotten. Laboring only in following the feast of being together forever.  Forever, and EVER…!!!

Pocket Surprises

The time has come. The time has come! 

I live again something so fresh, it is partaken as a constant and yet it has no duplicate. I've come to new, fresh, unpackaged... straight from the throne that rules with such beautiful music, my soul is changed upon every click of now to now. 

The experience is named and built as a greater. Filling out peace on earth, good will to man/woman. The dry bones of want pleads for this rapid river to keep drenching as the guard of my heart wars off the intruder of mindless thoughts. Staying in truth so I can offer me and not someone He does not know.  Recklessly listening to hear a crumbling heart so I can run to push down its remaining hardness, for I am here.  The time has come for yet another unveiling mystery. 

I find love much like I find money in a forgotten pocket's safety.  It was there all along but it had never crossed my mind to look.  Suddenly it is cold and my hands slip into a comfortable position, a pocket of mysteries. Expecting empty but finding riches, the retreat adds a smile and story to tell of a surprise. 

His love has so many benefits. Should I waste it? Should I take such a rich find and spend it on silence or shout out my find of big opportunity. What and how can I put this Good News to its fullest sound? 

Packed in my hands, my heart throws a party. A song spills that requires an army to sing and my decision is made. I join my gift found to invest in His kingdom. Together we put our treasures found. and suddenly. the very picture of the Father who Jesus wanted us to see is before our eyes. Walking and talking on earth as it is in heaven. His kingdom has come.!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Secret Place

Intimacy with God can be confusing. We often think of a relationship among us humans on how to relate to what this might mean, and rightly so. A relationship starts with basic facts. Important facts, but maybe only the highlights of events and emotions.  The journey continues and a deep desire for deeper causes the relationship to honor each other with greater than surface information. 

For relationship to grow, there is a call, a beckoning of hearts to the inner dare for a challenge. The secrets one holds far away from all others.  The good, bad and ugly. The questions too hard. The break down of walls built from as far back as your mind allows memory. A deeper relationship screams for a chance to be life, as the death of secrets fall to their exposure. 

Intimacy enters the secret place. Not just the pretty but the complete package. Now… we have become one. Weeping and/or dancing, my hiding is over. Submitting (sharing oneself, not obedience to their laws - that must come under God's Love) is the beginning of intimacy. Who am I gets a workout. The outcome or the results of this act is always yet to be seen. Intimacy is not foreknowledge, but great knowledge to be expected and experienced (who I am and who they are). New and always like the first time… inexperienced and yet delighted in the mystery of it all.

So now marriage takes on completely a sacred intimacy unavailable to anyone else. My secret place goes even deeper.  I share my body at all cost. I hold back nothing and allow my husband to complete an exploration. Questions and answers add delight as this journey wears intimacy as the covering God wanted to guide me to... Him and I.  

Dare to open such intimacy? Exposure through submitting oneself is a great risk. So why do it? Only through Christ’s example of His Father and being His Son is the answer to this. Only after understanding that any submission outside of Christ is not only never asked of us but dangerous consequences will occur.  Intimacy outside God’s realm is giving a person or people the right to write your life under their judgement instead of God’s Love. It’s harsh and deadly. 

Intimacy through submitting (myself) to another by understanding that dwelling in the Secret Place of the Most High, I have no judgement. I am abiding under the Shadow of the Almighty (Ps 91).

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our Secret Place

The thrill of anticipation, oh Master... my Jesus. Touching into just a nibble as Your Presence begins to fill the atmosphere in which I breath.   I'm in that beginning Poppa, where I'm still wondering what will I say to You. What will I do? Actually, I know this all seems unimportant once the connection takes me away from my mind's demand for understanding.   But soon, as anyone so in love knows, the actual Touch has the heart carefully trembling. Peace, the sacred feel that is exempt of struggle, and yet it pleases the heart with deep wells of desires, fills my face with an expression. For I must meet Love with sincerity, honesty of who I am, so I do not deceive myself but receive the Beauty of a love connection.  Encountering Real... His Real and my real. I so want to have this secret with Him. Our Secret Place.

For there, my love blooms into new attire. New ring upon my finger as I accept the sweet gifts of Song circling about my weakness. Taking me, to believe and trust where His Eyes look upon me, is just what He wanted.  And the silence draws me to such a Holy, I become it's silence also. No longer can be touched by another's defining. I have been won to Him and I would surrender anything. I have now entered a glorious phase where I could ask anything, for Love controls. Love is a miracle, a miracle the heart reaches to watch and consume each second as the delicate luxurious gift it is. Our Secret Place.

Roaming within this endless visual is the crowd of all those in such Love. For only this sort of swelling encounter can add yet another mention of His sweet Name. Cripples, blind, deaf, dumb... there is no lock out or rule that one must be without blemish. The Call is to come and be blessed. Come, bring your burdens and take His Yoke, for it is easy. Surrender all your stipulations for His Grace, and find it is sufficient.  Allow the fast move, that convinced you it was best, to be the slow soaking consuming multitude of frazzled chattered for worship and wisdom in single breaths.  Listening first with intention of finding what is found, not what is raced after. Where deep is one word at a time, swallowed and enjoyed like the precious jewel it is. Gathered and put together, one has colors of habitat in His Glory. Your Secret Place builds and mansions are designed after its beauty. He is preparing many for you.  Our Secret Place.

I know only to come and dine. Stay and linger. Play and sing. Rejoice and be glad. Wade around in puddles of sweet rain. Watch the sun set and rise again. In whatever state I am, I find perfect peace as I ponder Love in our Secret Place. Stirring over and over for one more word to hold and devour as my slow dance carry's it to my being where I live and move in You. Our Secret Place. The Silent Place where Your Voice dwells. Sounding deep in our Secret Place.

(Written while suffering with the flu.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Turn To Hear What Is There

The simplest drop of rain; what is your purpose? Among the billions, are you important? Will you be taken as important or unnoticed?

My heart stops to ponder… the simplest one drop has my total attention at this moment. Thinking of the billions of thoughts that pass my life span; do I catch the simple one?  Do I gather its purpose to add to the bounty of His Love?

Adjust my life Poppa. Adjust my day and nights so I can hear the rhythm of these simple moments that blow in the life source to stay alive. Walking in the moment, where time stops. The future will be the extreme gift You intended as I ponder and cherish the moment, the now You want me to enjoy. The past is saved for all eternity. That Gift is in a book. But my now is open to wander about in.

I turn to hear what is there, to hear what is pouring upon the earth. Your drop of rain (wisdom) that walks within, singing day and night, waits for me to stop and hear.  Not gathering so much knowledge that I miss the drop, I want to touch the simplest. I want to wear its soaking spot that shows it’s raining. I want to experience its hug so beautiful.  I want to ponder upon the beginning word of a song…OHhhh. I want to let it feed my soul to contentment before I go to the next. 

I want to see Your Eyes of Fire. Look directly into such passion and be changed eternally. I want to be a fish out of the water when I wonder outside this Fire. Frantically making an obvious scene because I will die if not returned to my place in You. 

Your daughter, Your work in progress. I marvel as You continue to form my heart. I love being Your image. I love this simple rain drop. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Spirit Works Without My Understanding

     Just want to thank You Poppa for sending Your Spirit to me. Thank You for the talks and walks so kind. I’ve enjoyed them just like You said… more than I could imagine.  It’s a Place where I’ve wanted only to remain and learn more and more of. 
     I can play, I can war, I can be all that I am designed to be and do.  If I slip and slide, Your call has that draft in it and I’ve learned to shut the door and stay inside. 
     Continue to teach me all that I can hold. You know best.  Reach deep into my heart and let me never be afraid of the adventure. When I slow down, You nudge me with assurance You won’t leave. 
     Every day is so new, so full of Your preparations made to surprise me like it was my birthday. Another day so blessed with new sounds and new thoughts broadening my understanding of such amazing love. I truly cannot see Your beginning and I cannot see Your end but I am watching. Oh, I am watching this event so fascinating and know only to enjoy the ride.

     I just can’t tell You how excited I am over the heartbeat of last night’s sleep. Please, Holy Spirit, give me a better look at what is stirring in my heart. I woke with an excitement but can’t put it into thoughts. Renew my mind. Renew my thoughts so that I am placed in heavenly places. 
     Come, Lord Jesus. Make today the final episode for what is needed. How exciting to finish and see. Building upon the foundation of Truth so Pure.  This day was made for Your Work in me. I will rejoice and dance for joy. I live in the heart of favor. I live in the abundance of One. I live in the Song of His purpose on earth. My whole being is a dance of Holy hovering and creating new about me. 
     The sky is open and Heaven is on earth. Thy Kingdom come Lord Jesus… thy Kingdom come…! 

Monday, December 26, 2016

What keeps God Calm

Father, One with my heart, I hunger this morning. To understand hunger I know only to come to You and say… there is a need. A wanting to be in a Place unknown to the flesh but extremely part of my spirit that teaches my soul. Undisturbed by the rat-a-tat clinging of small irritations nibbling at its insistence to demand my glance. 

Oh, but the deep immersing of being in You; the senses focused outside the world and into a greater Reality. 
Where You are undisturbed by the movements 
and Your very flow walks in the midst 
without time as a burden. 
The present is Your Presence. 
The existence of who You are has complete fulfillment and desires are fed the perfect portion. 

The highest praise is where I have entered this Rest and follow each moment with only leaving Your Story behind me.  All my going and coming is for the extreme purpose of my best, while serving all others in the same. Taking in One as the total reason for the present.  

A garden, back to our very beginning. A garden of communication and walking with all creation from Your imagination filled with Love’s substance. Giving us permission to explore and find the beauty of Truth. Giving us permission to walk in Your Kingdom saturated with Your assignments so magical we are intrigued as a constant observer of mysteries that serve us.  

Even my sleep is filled with mystery dreams from dipping into You from my curious heart.  My hunger serves me well. I ask myself, “what do I want?” A heartbeat begins to race as I feel Your Emotions rise to my desires for You. I feel with the magnificence of Love’s call You placed for me to open up to. 

I feel, oh how I feel the emotions so graciously given to me as gifts. How I can feel my heartbeat and know I am still alive. I can feel Your Heartbeat of Emotions within me and I stay listening as all my attention is summoned to explore and enjoy.  

Thirst has a deeper meaning than water for life to breathe. Thirst goes to the functions of staying at this Well that springs of Living Water, which has constant sources for my longing heart. 

I am in the wander of open eyes, open heart, to see and feel life beyond a physical knowledge. Connected to this body of Christ, I gather what they gather for unspeakable joy. I find my place compliments their place as well. A foundation happens and no shaking throws the death penalty. Life only shows me more and more, closer and closer, Love remains the answer to all things.  

What keeps You calm? The answer my heart seems to sing is that the present is Your Presence as Your Love overwhelms all things right now. This keeps You calm...