Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Monday, July 29, 2019

Too Much Time Between Miracles

The uncomfortable moments 
where it has been too much time 
between the now and then 
of my last miracle with You.  

For the freshness of miracles 
carry the heart with Life, 
to see 
where blindness was holding back 
what was being painted 
in full display. 

Oh how the desires can get twisted 
in stumbles of nonsense. 
How the worth of moments 
are distractions instead of unsaleable, 
unmerited Love 
accumulating for the down-pour 
of Heaven’s Song.  

The miracle of a heard Sound! 
The miracle of the Voice 
that will sing for a thousand generations! 

The release of what was created 
within me 
to experience 
what cannot be explained. 

For one breath to be taken 
into highest praises 
where connections are made 
between moves; 
where words are now emotions 
of Love’s explosions. 

Find me in silence, 
standing in the frozen capture 
of fixing the heart 
upon this visual moment. 
Silencing the distractions, 
as the entrance of consuming Fire 
enters to fill me 
from head to toe. 

Miracles are when I see 
a glimpse of my King. 
When the ‘we look alike’ 
communicates the giggle 
around my path. 

Each breath 
a heavy weight 
like pure gold, 
causing time to stand still, 
for my heart cannot let go 
of the moment. 
Holding hard 
to drink graciously 
from each piece 
of Love’s portion 
during the spark of this 
one breath taken in, 

He is bringing in His Story 
for me to read 
and dance away 
each inhaled heartbeat. 

The miracle of His Voice!  
A miracle… 
I marvel in a breath taken 
with thoughts so strong, 
a miracle of what He creates 
becomes eternal records. 

Heaven comes to earth 
in my soul.  
A miracle!

Worst Thing I Can Think Of

Papa God, the worst thing 
I can think of 
is losing hold of Jesus 
and what He is all about

Oh please Papa, keep me in His Path. 
Keep me sweet Holy Spirit where my family and I can go through life 
and come into the next 
with Jesus by our side 
as we have surrendered to the Way, the only Way.  

Our children have so many choices in these days. 
Choices of religious wondering 
and it all feels like chaos is happening. 

Are we equipped to make this journey? 
Are we secure enough 
to bounce around in Your Kingdom 
while these attached come to grade us, 
challenge us, 
competing for our minds. 

Oh please Papa, send the angel armies 
that war for the soul of my children 
and their children… 
and as far as this earth 
takes my generation of life giving through my blood. 

Take Michael’s children 
and carry on the greatest victories 
of finding the wholeness of Jesus within, 
only Jesus within 
making our Path straight. 

My tears speak 
what my thoughts 
cannot put together. 
My tears carry my heart 
with purpose 
I cannot be strong enough for. 
But, You can!  

Your blood was enough 
to take me from fear to favor… 
to weakness to righteousness … 
to experiencing 
what may look like destruction 
but You make power 
to move the enemy 
out of our camp. 

Lay my life gifts 
in heavenly places. 
Lay my treasures 
where the lock has put them 
far into the Heaven’s 
awaiting the surprise it will give me. 

I lay down my life here and now. 
You take and make 
as I listen and obey. 

I rejoice as I learn 
to trust in You… 
not my own saving!  

In Jesus, His beautiful Name, 
I sing from a marveled heart
 of what all even this past week 
has given to me. 

Thank You Jesus (Your Place) is my place.