Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Enemies I Made I Sing For

Oh Lord, I sing a new song.  
I sing words that take on another realm 
than what riches offer on earth.  

I sing for my enemies.  

Those who have a difficult time 
looking at my face.  

Those who wonder in darkness 
of something I have done that pierce their soul.  
I sing for those who would find pleasure 
in seeing me fall.  

Oh Lord, I sing their name 
and ask the God of angel armies 
to carry them to the safety 
of releasing this pain.   

Give a loud shout to the heavens 
as a mark towards their open door 
to heaven’s treasures.  

Place kindness before them 
to show the gift of forgiveness 
that comes when calling 
upon your name and not my name.  

Today, crying for mercy 
for those whose wounds run deep 
by the mouth of my untamed words.  

Fill the sky 
with showers of blessing 
and place it above their heads 
for the drenching of Spirits sweet rain.  

I sing over their life 
as my heart falls in repentance 
so that my tears 
turn my wrong into Your right.  

Where healing sings 
unknown tongues of heavens rewards 
and outcomes that take us higher 
to the knowledge of who You are.  

Strangers, family, friends, 
all those who my words have touched
 – save us.  

Save me, 
as I sing Lord.  

Save us while I sing this new song.  

Save those where my feet walk.  
Save us from destruction’s plan.  
Turn the heart I have wronged 
to silence of awe before You Lord.  

I sing the Name Jesus 
as I walk in His kingdom.  

I warm in its flame of fire.  
Rewards of forgiveness given me, 
I share with others.  

I am forgiven by Your love, 
I forgive those who trespass against me;
I pray for those I have trespassed against...!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dreaming I See God

Poppa, dreams are so fascinating; a place where freedom seems to have complete reign.  Even if it is a fall, there is the amazing freedom that allows it and safety is still mine.  

I love when this happens during the day, as well, and I allow myself to go into this place where I can play like a child with Spirit who gives all my notions a time with this untamed, uninterrupted by another’s law of yeah or nay’s.  

I find myself before Your throne made of brilliance, as the light of piercing warmth rushes through me with such lightning speed, I become transparent.  I have no need for the walls of a body, for I am without shame or contain anything to hide.   

My voice has a sound I would imagine an angel might have as what overwhelms me carries me to mirror back to You such an array of colors that are created when my voice blends with this heavenly realm.  

My move becomes a sound of itself as I dance to tell of story after story of Your work that has gifted my life as I have known it.  Between each of my steps is millions of moving praise, as all thoughts turn with electrifying charges to choreograph far ahead of my minds comprehension, far into eternity the non-stop worship of this single dance spoken of love that spends all it’s got for me.  

To my side is the mass of pardon, coming at me with its delicious smells and flavors.  

Sharing glimpses of my Lord so righteous, each look takes me deep into new glories built for the adventure of love’s pleasures.  

Above me I feel with senses I have never known to dream of or wish for; eyes that cannon get enough of me and I vow to return the promise I will not take my eyes from His Face.  

Pureness melts our hearts together where you cannot distinguish one heart from the others; a oneness blows about in a floating peace that has removed a knowledge of anywhere ever but here.  

Weeping escapes us as kindness sings its excitement I am here.  

Your throne owns my breath and spends it with wise placing in a journey to fascinate even the feelings in my toes.  

I press the air and a purple royalty of sparkles explode to lead my eyes to have words of honor to express this playground, Your heavens, Your kingdom, my life in Yours. 

The day that once ended has no more orders, for there is no stop.  

Whispers are not needed, for love has only flamboyancy that over decorates, over saturates; thunderous with passage into the core of its target. 

I see with eyes that do not have a direction to focus only, but with eyes that have knowledge to be aware of who is before me.  

I see God.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rest Cuddles Me

Father, I sense You within 
and I take slow awe-inspiring steps
 to give in to its leading
 so that I look 
into Your eyes of love so breathtaking.  

Oh how I love You!  
I stop my world,
 for music has me; 
Your love is music to the soul.  

May my heart sing back to You tonight 
with a sound that tells You 
there is no other place I would rather be.  

Oh hear my heart 
and swallow the delicious flavors 
of my wishes
 that exposes my glad heart.  

I have ran and played today 
and You have enjoyed my laughter.  

I have joined with others 
whom You hold as treasures,
 and giggled as I promise
 I will be on my best behavior 
if I get to stay.  

Happily You say ‘yes’ to my want.  

What is of more value than love?
 How could anything be enjoyed 
outside this untouchable power 
that is so secure with itself
 that it waits with knowing the outcome. 

What could separate 
Your arms from embracing
 those You love?  

Nothing, my days reveal..!

Rest cuddles me
 as watchful eyes
 assign the air
 to carry the sounds of my response
 to this days gifts,
 back to Your ears
 for mutual appreciation. 

And love closes my thoughts, 
my eyes, 
my day,
 with full heart;

 for I walked love to the door of His bride.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You Belong Here

Your name has me looking to something so fascinating.  

Like a mist I walk into, 
I release the process of the kingdom that came, 
and I begin to feel the moisture that refreshes my soul.  

Lifting my face, 
I ask for this shower to soak me.  

Weakened by darkness that presses, 
I run to this open heaven 
and wonder about, 
for Your Name gives new signs and wonders 
to the thirst of my craving heart.  

I move my hand through my hair 
as my eyes close 
and I ponder what will arise from our walk?  

I know only that I have leaned forward 
to lay close to the fire of this call 
which takes me in like sinking quick sand; 
slowly determined to not let go 
until I am swallowed by its power.   

I find this substance becoming a voice 
that produces a knowing, 
a knowing that love is now breathing for me, 
love is now moving my spirit 
to take hold of what is coming.  

Can the air speak?  

Can the light transform before me a form?  

Can the way I bat my eye 
be a million ways to worship 
the Name Jesus?  

Can I dance such a glorious move 
by simply running my belief 
around this Name 
that breaks my lips into a smile?   

Has my tongue found a new way to sing?  

Oh what lies before me, 
the float of a thousand words 
I cannot speak but hear; 
a thousand tones I cannot sing 
but I play with them 
up and down the scale of eternity… 

for I have wondered into His arms 
and goodness has given me reasons to stay here.  

My name, who I am, 
dances with 
His Name, who He is; 
and we go beyond words 
the mind tries to attach to love.  

Higher and deeper, 
wide as the thought of never touching; 
His realness fills me 
and I am stunned with His Words, 
you belong here!’  

Oh Lord, I ask 
what are You wanting me to know? 
I often feel it is a visit only.’  

His power begins to soak me 
so that I will receive 
as it carries a message 
I am too weak to hear without, 
He speaks again…
'you belong here, I never leave!

My mind swirls, my heart leaps, 
He finally gets to tell me
what He has been wanting me to hear
for such a long time...!

And I heard Him.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Holds Record In Heaven's House

waiting upon the Voice 
that works my day into His glory; 
learning to lay down distractions 
so today’s book 
created to hold my thoughts and actions, 
have meaning for my eternity.  

A book, 
a story for just today, 
records my tremble 
as He enters to speak 
and move out darkness, 
for His color to be added.  

How can my being stand still; 
how can I stop the sway 
that illuminates His force as He works.  

All the work I have done to be good, 
all the work I made for His entrance 
is found vanishing 
as His Love breaths real 
for the exchange of surrender.  

Setting my eyes to watch You transform 
old for new 
as chains turn from iron locks 
to dissolving grains of nothing.   

What I thought I could gain for my own works 
only show self in employment 
to You, 
not the handiwork of Your production.  
Duty loses, 
Your work I gain.

I wait as Your work shows itself 
in the making of a masterpiece 
to the heart of Your pleasures.  
I surrender my opinion of me 
for Your opinion that speaks of how far, 
how wide, 
how immeasurable 
Your love goes to paint a bride 
for the Son who paid such a high price 
to satisfy His desire for me.  

What lives for the record in heaven’s house 
is how I gave in, 
how I counted all my work as loss, 
how I sounded the Name 
that echoes the mighty work 
it brought, 
not my own.  
How You came to all my cries, 
how You lifted my life 
as Your heart was given to me 
for my weak heart.  

How You came to quench 
the burning desire I had 
with Your plan 
as I laid down my own. 

I can say with excitement
…here I am!  

I chose to lose my life for You 
that I be saved.  

Love that has risen in my emotions, 
indicate You sing as You work. 

Spreading cheer to the steps I dance, 
I continue to giggle at myself 
as well as with Your funny ways.  

For I know not how to reign 
but I learn to follow the Lamb 
that also waited upon Your Voice, 
as You, Poppa, 
reign in me.  

Jesus, I hold onto the prayers 
You have made for me 
as I listen.  

Father is for me.