Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Road Called Worry

Oh Mighty God of my Inheritance, Salvation of my soul.  The God, only God, who has Sought me with Amazing Lengths to Open my heart to Your Own for Your Pleasure and mine.  The eyes of my heart searches, takes time this morning to find Your Astounding Place my Father, to be Stayed upon You.  For You Sit upon the Throne of Greatness and all Wisdom which has been Poured Out for the walk we were designed to travel.  I search for the Key that unlocks the Secrets to This Place for I am human and find distractions the path often taken.  You have Placed Road Signs in all of my days but I often find a side-road of curiosity.  This morning I found a side-road for I awoke with worry scratching at freshly healed wounds; and with reluctance but curiosity, I took a slower look at it to find the coldness of its apparel left me in want and concern.  I saw pain and sorrow and knew it was a place I could ponder but I became confused to whether it was for me to travel.  As I lift up my thoughts to Your Greatness and all Wisdom I seek with a pause in my travels for I find desire for a clearer map that is written in my language, considering my age, written for my day and in my aria of time.  The turmoil of my understandings are so mixed with the roads traveled in the past that took me off course, this time I want to avoid.  The Voice within is such a special Knowledge that keeps Knocking for my attention but with it is outside stumbling rocks and weeds grown up in my path.  Lost in this crossroad I just stop and look Up, for again Your Love reminds me of Your Constant Care and that the Results of Your Wisdom Take my feet and Direct their course.  Today is not yesterday, today is a completely different day and holds a multitude of New Light for my pathway.  Your Kindness brings back the smile that left when I got distracted and curious on a road called worry.  The Pure Reach of Your Hand to Guide with Love is what Restores Life Abundant.  Staying on the Road Built with a Foundation of Love will Keep my feet from slipping.  Your Love never fails and the Beauty of such a Word Sings its Song both in the heavens and the earth with Power I have yet to tap into.  The Power of Pure Love can take on a maze of distractions for its Source Comes from the Beginning and has more than efficient Supply to the end.  It caused the army of religious men to crumble, yet caused the Wake of millions and millions of souls to walk His Path, His Way.  Pure Love Gives in Constance.  It sees past the initial sight of a different road to travel and sees the end to its destruction so it Turns away.  Knowing the small comfort to the flesh is quickly smothered with the pains of wondering in darkness.  Love has Massive, Mammoth, Astronomical, Revelations to Strip Blindness and Feed the soul with Health for Life and Life more Abundantly.  I see Your Love, Father and Your Kindness that Sent Your Only Son for me.  As I accept This Love for myself, I purpose to give it also with the Strength of what it does for me and to me.  I am one Loved and Cherished, and in Your Love I am becoming Your Image as I fight the fight to the end.

Ephesians 6:  ….12 - 18 (The Message)
This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels. Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it's all over but the shouting you'll still be on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You'll need them throughout your life. God's Word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other's spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.

Father, I pray, I pray hard and long for Your Love to Develop Strong in me and my children, family and friends; so that we will know how to APPLY Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, and Salvation to make them more than words.  By applying Love as the Foundation for every move we make as You have done in Sending Your Son for our salvation because You Loved while we were yet sinners.  Amazing...! As You have said, Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and soul and Your neighbor as yourself.  The Foundation for all Your Work and Direction for ours is Love.  My prayer is completely based upon the Son You Sent, Jesus Christ, who has Showed us this Mighty Love You have and Work from. 

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