Dancing with my heart, my words, my song, and my love, before my God…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who
LOVE YOUR NAME may rejoice in you. Psalms 5:11

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frightened To Be Who God Created

I weep.  Oh God… I weep.  OH GOD…. you are so long suffering.   I am of ahhhh of what God is doing as His Love begins its Spread throughout the body. This morning I have been numb… I don’t know how else to describe it.  Numb somewhat from so many changes in my life.  How do I let what happen – facing myself… happen to those around me that I love so much.  It is like I was going west and God turned me east.  How do I expose this to my family, how do I share this with the hearts that are before my eyes.  I was so blind.  I was so unlearned.  

We must worship… just worship One and Sing of the hearts dance to a King.  I know this is the Foundation that will take us to this Place I can’t explain, for we are a bride being swept up to a marriage and we have been blinded to what this Party is all about.  For HE has took His Love and has PURPOSED to win me at all cost.   Not me making all the right decisions and coming to a place where I can feel some sort of accomplishments BUT HE HAS PURPOSED I will NOT BE LOST.  I am a part of His Eyes…. ‘I’ am a part of His soul…. ‘I’ am a part of His Heart and He Vows to win me by His Compassion Extreme, end of story.  His Thoughts have been Targeted to me, Charlotte, His Reward for a death of Purpose.  My plan and purpose is so selfish and self satisfying to a dead work.  

We are busy… oh so busy about other distractions… running to this and that to accomplish the heart of God and all we are doing is satisfying something within our selves that says we must or we will not be at the wedding.  Not realizing that He has ALL THE PREPARATIONS made and we are to COME…. Just COME, ONLY COME as INVITED.  I was not there physically when my Savior died on that cross.  I was not there physically when God Created a Plan that had me in mind…. BUT it is HIS PLAN… HIS PURPOSE to win me with the Love that Gave EVERYTHING HE HAD for me.  We MUST see it personally… we must join the Union of the Trinity that has Divine Power to Work in me its Love that has Given me His Language, His Visions, His Heart, His Core of Existence that I walk not according to my own understanding but by His Plan that Love Strikes against all my enemies and Locks me into His Embrace of Safe Keeping.  
We are like Paul, in desperate motions to work for God… killing each other with knives of self knowledge.  So frightened to be who God Created us to be for we may sound different, we may go to places not accepted by our peers, we may have an appearance that strikes those around us as odd or unacceptable, our language may change to not acceptable so that we reach a soul…. Why we may even have to spit in someone’s eye…   We have so many reasons to not be open and honest… keeping our sins in the dark, for we tell ourselves we are greater than our sins… we are able to overcome by the word of our mouth not realizing that because we can’t get real the heart of our heart is bleeding, dying, unfinished with the pokes and jabs of pain and despair.  

I died… oh I see now how I committed suicide with my heart and death was its only relief as I allowed my own life to slowly go under as I swallowed the messages… YOU MUST...YOU MUST… YOU MUST.. or the demons of hell will have your soul.  Oh God, I repent for saving myself and losing the soul of my heart.  Oh God, Your Love was always enough and Your Long Suffering was the ONLY THING that has Given me New Life.  I had nothing to do with my Resurrection now or EVER..!!!  

I am separated as an individual so God can Prove to me that I am ALONE in His Heart, I have been Selected and Chosen as a single cell in His bride making.  I am of such Extreme Importance that He sends multiple of thousands of angels around me for the safe keeping of His Hearts Desire.  I too can call a thousand angels to the bid of my need, oh I too can call… but to see the Finale of His Love is of most abundantly a curiosity to me and I want to say… not my will but YOURS be DONE!!!!!  Oh God, I am Yours and I want to FALL IN YOUR ARMS as I RUN WITH ALL I'VE GOT TO YOU AS I AM.  I just come… I just enter into His Love as a Treasured Value worth His death to bring me here.  Unbelievable… yeah… unbelievable but True because its what He says..!!!!! Wooo Hooo..!

Can you HEAR… can you HEAR… YOU THE CHURCH…SINGING as Love Covers you from head to toe, inside out with His Abundance…. WHY… oh WHY… so that He can GET OTHERS the same… for YOU ARE HIS BRIDE…. Think of this… B-R-I-D-E…! His Love is so Enormous He wants us to just BE… just SIT… just SING… Enjoy His Love while ‘HE’ goes for the others… oh my gosh… what a beautiful, beautiful Love... Playing in Extreme Love.

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